Rossiiskaia Istoriia” (“Russian History”) is the most famous academic bimonthly periodical devoted to the history of Russia, the USSR and the Russian Federation, the leading national scientific journal publishing materials on history, historiography and historical research methods, published since March 1957. The journal was called “History of the USSR” until 1992, and in 1992—2008. National history. For a long time it was the only Russian scientific periodical devoted entirely to the history of Russia in its various aspects.

The journal covers all fields in study of the Russian historical process from antiquity to the present times, encourages interdisciplinary and comparative approaches. The priority of the journal is the publication of original materials based on the new introduced sources and scientific works taking into account the latest domestic and foreign historiography. The journal also pays great attention to the professional discussion of new scientific publications (monographs, collections of articles and academic publications of sources), which is carried out both in the format of reviews (the criticism and bibliography section is the largest among Russian historical periodicals) and in the section “Dialogue about the book”.

“Russian History” is an indispensable source of information for all scholars of Russian History from ancient times to the present day. It is also a unique and universally recognized scientific and informational tool for the interaction of various categories of Russian scholars: academic researchers, employees of higher schools, local lore experts, museum workers, lovers of antiquity, and others. Among the authors are well-known domestic and foreign historians of different generations and political views, as well as young scholars, whose creative aspirations the magazine seeks to promote.